We not only examine patients, we also explain. To ensure, that you feel good all over, while visiting us, we have enough time for each patient. Our clinic and our examination rooms are tastefully furnished in a modern style, to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. —

If required, before each examination, there will be a medical briefing regarding your current disorders. We listen to you and give you comprehensive advice. Whilst beeing scanned in the MRI unit, you can listen to relaxing music and enjoy the unique Illumination MoodLight – LED light panels providing you comfortable environment, which will be set according your personal preferences.

After every examination the results will be discussed personally and confidentially with you. You can ask questions, and we will gladly explain you everything. With your images and the written report, you can visit on the same day your doctor responsible for further treatment.

We give back the trust, that you place in us.