We at MRT AM OPERNPLATZ not only guarantee safe results for your breast diagnosis, but offer an extensive and individual care package for every patient until we have resolved the problem together. In cooperation with the Brustzentrum Turmcarrée we are also able to provide “classic” mammography examination and a sole or complimentary ultrasonic screening procedure.

In our specialist clinic MRT AM OPERNPLATZ we offer you an alternative or complimentary procedure using innovative MR-Mammography. One main advantage to alternative methods is that there is no need for X-Radiation or tissue compression during the procedure. Using a 16 channel coil, we are the only clinic in the Rhine-Main-Area offering visualization at such a high resolution, which enables us to analyze at the highest level of precision.

If the need arises, we are also capable of offering you a tissue biopsy for safety purposes.

Choose the safest and most comfortable option with us at MRT AM OPERNPLATZ!